Moving out!

What a wild month January was!  The sell off went so well I had to lock the door at the close of business Saturday, Jan. 26th!  There was hardly anything left, and I needed the time to pack up my bag of tricks and move it all home!  I kept thinking I could pick away at it between customers, but I found that any time I had between customers, I used to re-charge, re-assess and re-arrange a bit to fill in the empty spots!  You kept me hopping, that's for sure! Here's what it looked like the night before the movers were to come. Look at the book pages still at the top of the posts...and the light fixtures on the floor!
 My mother and sister were such good helpers on Monday. They helped me take inventory and pack up the leftover merchandise that was being donated to the Women's Crisis Shelter and the Lawrence County Cancer Society. 
My husband came up in the evenings to help dump garbage, take down window treatments, break down shelving units, etc.  So much to do!
This was the closest I was going to get to putting my feet up! Gave me a chance to have a few last moments with my cash wrap.  My, but you served me well.  This piece went in to storage for a bit.  Next time I use it will be for coffee and/or cocktails...we'll see! And I have big plans for my garbage can.  I think that would make a great base for a large round glass top dining room table.  Red is sooooo in right now! 
This is my pretty, pretty sister taking all the staples out of the posts from all the book pages that covered them! She was there when they went up!  Such a good sport...and such a huge help! I think I owe her one!


Loved watching them move some of my favorite pieces!  They thought I was crazy for taking pictures...oh, well!!!

A slight bobble and re-grip made my heart skip a beat.

My sister and I took the sign down first thing in the morning.  She held it while I loosened the bolts. So excited to take it down myself!

I love the pieces/props of pepperberry's I can see in the truck!  A bicycle tire, old fabric bolt, the cinder blocks, bassinet...all ready to roll.

Returning it to it's original state. That's a lot of wood!

Lights out and doors locked. The first night in several months that I leave while it's still light outside. But before I head for home, one last stop....

...to Rebecca's to hand my keys off to Becky, the new landlord of the property that housed my favorite little shop!  May the next tennant enjoy many years of success and happiness!
Oh, by the way, guess what the very last box I carried out was....champagne!  After the movers left my house, I went back up to clean and do one last walk through and I found a few bottles in the frig that I had forgotten about!  So. very. fitting.! 
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!  I am visiting my daughter in Nashville and helping her put some finishing touches on her and her husband's new condo. They moved a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't wait to see their new place!  I had booked a flight for the day after the move and I'm so glad I did. She's been great at letting me catch up on some sleep and even take a bit of *me time*. I went to bed at 10 last night and slept til almost 8:30!  She was just as surprised as I was! 
Ok, gotta run! Thanks for checking in!


  1. Laurie ... so glad I got to go on the Pepperberry ride with you! Such fun! Your a great person, beautiful inside and out and I am oh so lucky to have you as a sister!!! I love you!!

  2. Love all the pictures, Laurie! And love your attitude. People forget that endings are also beginnings. Enjoy your down time. I know you won't be resting long!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics and your story, Laurie. You made Pepperberry's into an experience of beauty, whimsy and warmth for your customers and I am going to miss you and the store (experience!) so much. From my mom in York, PA to my cousin in Chicago and my colleagues in Slippery Rock, everyone is going to miss the treats you brought our way.

    I am looking forward to the Crisis Shelter Auction in March. I'll be doing some crazy bidding on all those Pepperberry's goodies. Thank you for your amazing generosity to the Crisis Shelter!

    May all good things come your way in this next chapter of your life!

    Amy Bersett